the nureyev legacy collection; nureyev: as you have never seen him before; from the archives of the new york public library for the performing arts; a rare opportunity to own historically significant ballet photographs, personally selected by rudolf nureyev
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now that the book life behind the metaphor has been released to the public, we want to hear what you think about the book, about the photographs, and about your own memories of nureyev. click here to share a comment about life behind the metaphor or a reminiscence of seeing nureyev dance.
michael, uk said...

terrific book—fascinating commentary and both beautiful and moving photos.

linda baranovics, washington, d.c. said...

i called [your book, life behind the metaphor] to the attention of my husband steve who danced for dutch national ballet, for rudi van danzig and who toured with nureyev on this particular trip to america. my husband was very excited to see a copy for himself so i thought it would make a great christmas present. [photographer roger urban] did indeed shoot several pix of my husband (a soloist with the company) and his partner in rehearsal on the same outdoor stage so the book is a wonderful complement to those pix and it's great to read van danzig's take on nureyev too. as you can imagine, my husband holds the memories of dancing with nureyev on that tour as some of the most exciting in his whole dance career. we hope to share the book with friends so that they can get a glimpse of the message in the book (and, hopefully, buy one for themselves!).

linda baranovics
nicholas bromley, london, england said...

dear roger,

i am writing to thank you so much for life behind the metaphor. it really is a beautiful book and the photography is quite outstanding. it has a timeless quality and is perpetually beautiful. well done sir!

i send all our best wishes to you. may we thank you again for a splendid addition to our library!

darrell hyder, the sun hill press said...

dear roger,

congratulations on the achievement of the metaphor book! and thank you for an early copy of it, fresh from the press of david gardener and paul parisi's bindery. it is scintillating, a pleasure to see so many parts brought together into rich blacks and whites. yes, the type is so well reproduced; but the photos, seen in interim stages, jump out from those deep backgrounds, or "simply" appear in great definition from those not-so-available-light backgrounds. i especially relished all the shots not included in the dummy, and the dust-jacket nureyev looking heavenward for god's next direction, while mr. urban was clicking away to create this remarkable archive, now so consummately produced. hats off to you, roger!


lea liu, the biondo group, stamford, ct said...

hi roger,

i've only just begun looking through "life behind the metaphor" - actually, looking at all the really beautiful photographs - they're mesmerizing. you've done a great job with the layout of the entire book, and you certainly didn't spare any expenses! it's a wonderful book and i truly treasure it - thank you so much. you must be very proud of it, and i hope you'll be inspired to do another piece of cultural gem -- perhaps a museum next time?

thanks a million, and best regards,

lea liu
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