the nureyev legacy collection; nureyev: as you have never seen him before; from the archives of the new york public library for the performing arts; a rare opportunity to own historically significant ballet photographs, personally selected by rudolf nureyev
limited edition booksilver printsplatinum printsoriginal drawings
cover image of life behind the metaphor: rudolf nureyev
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text by: rudi van dantzig and roger urban
photography by: roger urban
publisher: the nureyev legacy project
publication date: october 1, 2007
price: $120.00
isbn: 978-0-9761233-1-6
136 pages
trim size: 12.5 x 9.5 inches
includes deluxe lithograph

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“a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at one of the 20th century’s greatest performers.”—virginia johnson, editor, pointe magazine
featuring more than 80 exquisite duotone photographs, and printed using a stochastic process and inks developed for ansel adams, this unique limited-edition collector’s item may be the finest book of nureyev photography ever created. these previously unpublished photos of nureyev in performance and behind the scenes reveal the majesty of this master dancer as never before.

with text on the creative process of ballet written by dutch national ballet artistic director and choreographer rudi van dantzig; a preface by madeleine nichols, curator emerita of the new york public library for the performing arts; and a concluding essay on photography and dance by richard benson, dean of yale university school of art, life behind the metaphor is the perfect gift for any ballet enthusiast.

as a special bonus, the first printing of life behind the metaphor includes a deluxe lithograph, signed by the photographer and suitable for framing.

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